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Connection error

Code Explanation Possible causes
60 An attempt to establish a connection timed out.
  • Port is blocked by firewall or anti-virus program.
  • Wrong IP address.
  • The receiver application isn't running.
  • Both PC and iPhone aren't on the same subnet.
61 An attempt to establish connection was rejected.
  • Port is blocked by firewall or anti-virus program.
  • Connection been shutdown abruptly. (Simply rebooting the PC/Mac should solve the problem.)
    65 No route to host
    • iPhone is using 3G network.
    • WiFi network on iPhone/iPod Touch isn't properly configured.

    Exception in firewall:

    If you receive code 60 or 61, please make sure that the AudioServer is in firewall's exception list. Here are the instructions for different OS:



    Mac OSX:

    Find the IP address:

    On PC: Right click on the small AudioServer icon (seating on the notification area) and select "Status".

    On iPhone/iPod Touch:

    NOTE: The IP address on both of PC and iPhone should look like A.B.C.X  and A.B.C.Y (ie. and if the network mask is

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    Cannot find stereo mixer 

    Vista hides the recording device by default. To enable the devices:

    1. Right click on the speaker icon by the clock in the lower right and select Recording Devices.


    2. Your screen will likely look something like this.


    3. Right click on the "blank area" and select Show Disabled Devices.


    4. Now you may have a lot more items in the list. Right click on the one called "Stereo mix", "Wave out mix" or "What U Hear" and select Enable.


    5. Restart the Audio Server. The recording device you just enabled should show up in the Audio input device list.

    Cannot find the recording device (Stereo mix or Wave out mix) after selecting "Show disabled device"

    You are probably using the default audio driver from Microsoft. You need to find out which audio card you are using and upgrade the driver from the manufacturer.

    Still cannot find the recording device after upgrading the driver.

    Please check out the following post:

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    Occasional click/glitch in audio 

    Quality of audio streaming can be affected by many factors. If you have glitch in the audio,  here are some tips to improve the audio quality in your environment.   

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    Distored sound when using Vista core audio mode 

    Currently the AudioServer only support 44.1KHz and 48KHz audio. Please check your speaker's sample rate setting:
    1. Open the Control pannel and double click on Sound.
    2. Select the working speaker and click on the Properities button.


    3. Click on Advanced tab and select 16 bit, 44100Hz.
    4. Click on Apply